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under. lifeguards and volunteers formed a chain searching the water. >> there were firefighters and his big circle holding hands and they were trying to find him with their feet. at least 30 minutes went by until they found the boy still under water. rescue workers arrived and took the child to the hospital. despite efforts to revive him he was declared dead. >> he had been in there too long. >> we have to watch them with the close. -- real close. >> police say he was out here with a family. they are still waiting to notify next of kin. searchers tell us that they did not notice any adult family members in the immediate vicinity.
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>> also tonight, the big cleanup after last night's wild weather. it came fast and furious and only affected a fraction of the area. plenty of people spend their holidays figuring out not just what to clean up but how to do it. it has left a lasting impression on some neighborhoods. jennifer is at one of the areas hardest hit by the storms. >> you are right. it made a mark. 4000 arlington residents without power. take a look at that tree. it is massive. the clean-up here has not even begun yet. in north arlington it will take days to clean up after a storm that lasted only minutes. this man and his wife were
5:02 pm
inside their house at the time and say it sounded like the tree exploded. >> we actually did not hear this tree fall because i think we were all yelling to get downstairs. >> 15 guests raced to the basement. >> we are lucky that nobody was injured. all we lost breakable cars. -- work a couple of cars. >> this car on the street was crushed by a limb. >> i hope it is fixable. >> it is pretty smashed. >> it is pretty bad. >> this crashed into a home. the mother and her teenage son were home, but came out unharmed. a lucky. >> sunday, visitors on the
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national mall were sent running for cover. >> it just happened in this neighborhood. we will not forget it. >> here in arlington, we are told that much of the power will be back on by 6:00 p.m. take a look at this. we have tree branches and several trees that are still compromise. this is all over the area of arlington. it is considered very dangerous. we do have a photo gallery at our website with eyewitness photos of last night's severe weather. send in your photos and videos you -- the 56-year-old neal white was out biking yesterday when a
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tree toppled on top of him. he died at the scene. even the white house was not immune to last night's storm. crews spent the morning clearing away fallen limbs and branches. the obama family is holding an outdoor barbecue. >> we are hoping that things will stay quiet for the fourth of july fireworks. that is a nice looking shot. there is a severe thunderstorm watch over the area at once again tonight. what is the latest? >> we certainly do not want any repeat of last night's violent weather. take a look at the live doppler. these folks in southern maryland down into the fredericksburg
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area. there are storms out there. these are in the mountains of west virginia. i think these will be staying to the north of us. right now if you're heading down to the mall in washington, everything out there will more or less stay to our south. there is some lighting, but it is down more toward charlottesville. again, not a serious threat for the fireworks. around 9:00 p.m. about 84 degrees, warm and humid. i will tell you about what is coming our way for tomorrow. but right now, for the fireworks, i think it looks fine. >> for our by our strong chances
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you can go to our website at the grand finale for the big for the july weekend is fun for everyone. here's the night that everybody has been waiting for. about four hours from now the skies over the national mall will be bright. a brilliant fireworks display. and before that, in concert for everyone to -- and before that, in concert for everyone to enjoy. >> it sounds like the best is yet to come with the concert and fireworks, but for a lot of the people the party may go late. but it also started early. >> the bands played and the balloons flew over an audience of thousands lined up along constitution avenue. but it is the promise of something even more spectacular that brought out the real crowds.
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>> fireworks. >> the fireworks. >> the national park service estimates there will be hundreds of thousands here to celebrate america from hundreds even thousands of miles away. >> phoenix, arizona. >> israel. >> holland. the crux of little bit of parking and a lot of walking catherine? >> with a little bit of parking and a lot of walking catherine chose two wheels. they snagged their prime piece of property by going to sleep. >> we were up by 5:30 a.m. this morning. >> some caught up on their sleep. others tried to stay cool. and bob larson turned 67 years old. >> ivers born july 4 1944. -- i was born july 4 1944. >> he is content knowing it is america's birthday that matters
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most. >> if you cut me, i believe it red white and blue. -- i bleed red white, and blue. >> the fireworks will start after the concert. you can bet those will probably steal the show. we will see about that. folks, if you're heading out to the mall, you are encouraged to take metro. metro is running extra trains today and they will be providing service through midnight. everything you need to know about tonight's festivities is on you can find information about what you see and how to get there. there was no holiday for jurors in the kasey anthony
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trial today. right now they are trying to figure out whether she murdered her daughter. the judge charged this morning that the decision made by the jury could mean a life sentence or the death penalty. >> after six weeks of gripping and grim testimony, 12 jurors are now deliberating the fate of kasey anthony. >> i depend on you to make a wise and legal position in this matter. >> the judge said the jurors often tests -- to pour over testimony that has rattled the nation. >> any way you slice it. any way you put it together, casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. >> the prosecution claims that the burden of raising a young child caught in the way of her lifestyle, so she's a beginner to-year-old daughter with duct
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tape and dumped her body -- so she suffocated her 2-year-old daughter with duct tape and dumped her body in the woods. >> the defense paint a much different picture, claiming that little kaley accidentally drowned in the backyard pool and that the grandfather disposed of the body a charge he categorically denied. the defense claims that they should not convict anthony on the perceived character, only the facts of the case. >> if you start to think she is a lying slut, then you might want to convict. be aware of the facts. >> if she is convicted of first- degree murder, she could be sentenced to death.
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>> coming up, a massive cleanup after a major oil spill in the pacific northwest. >> also, we will see how retailers are cashing in on holiday. >> a big invitation to go see the final space shuttle flight. >> and a shocking story for a
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>> that the plot -- july 4 holiday would not be the same without a parade, of course. folks got a chance to see a lot of marching bands the 5 ft. drum corps plenty of fluids and even some cartoon characters. >> as a matter of fact we have another parade under way at palisades park. we will take you there right now.
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>> it is a d.c. independence day parade that has it all. from the boy scouts and the bagpipes to the trombone. young, old, in between. they all turned out for the palisades fourth of july parade now celebrating its 45th year. >> what is your favorite part of the parade? >> i think the motorcycle lady. >> the candy. >> seeing really cool cars go by. ? -- doe by >>-- >> it symbolizes the history for me. this is a hometown parade with all of the people and politicians in it, the kids, the
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candy, everything. i would not miss it for the world. >> some people come for the horses and the dancers. >> these bolivian dancers turn out every year in their ornate costumes. and >> this year, it was larger than life with a lot of cute kids. and a local mom hard at work as a photographer. some even managed to dance and do their lollipop sucking all at the same time. in northwest washington, rebecca cooper, abc7 news. >> the fear of fire out west in los alamos, new mexico has lifted. people are able to go back to their homes and the threat to
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the lab is over. hundreds of firefighters are still trying to contain the wildfire that is threatening some indian tribes. it began last week when a tree fell into some power lines. >> an oil pipeline burst in montana over the weekend. it ruptured friday night killing about 40 -- spilling about 42,000 barrels of oil into the river. exxon says the damage is minimal. but montana's governor says it is too early to tell. >> it might have been built -- related to the terrible floods that have had out there. you have a big night. all the pressure is on. >> community fireworks especially down in southern maryland.
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outside right now it is a summary kind of day. -- summer-like kind of day. it is not as hot as it has been in other 4th of july's. the record for today, 1919. 89 degrees in town. 86 in hagerstown. i talked with my colleagues at the weather service. all straight line winds. we get these microbursts, the downbursts with cold air coming out accelerating at 60, 70 miles per hour. the dewpoint is in the 60's. it will feel like it is 91
5:19 pm
degrees. late this afternoon some of those storms developing out to our west. before charles county -- for the folks in charles county and down toward fredericksburg, those areas are under a storm watch. some of these are trying to move toward the western suburbs, but all of them -- the clusters of it are down more to the south. once again, the nearest area is moving into warren 10, but it is more like rainshowers. the only worry is for you folks around charles town and into harper's ferry. there are the clouds. most likely they will be to our south. tomorrow more popping up.
5:20 pm
tomorrow, 92 degrees around fredericksburg now. again fredericksburg, spotsylvania at 8:00 or 9:00 there could be some thunderstorms in your area. for those on the mall, they could be seeing some tiny flashes to the south. -- lightning flashes to the south. our average high tomorrow, 88 degrees. as we get more moisture back, wednesday and thursday afternoon, we could be seeing another batch of thunderstorms. right now, we are ready for the four day week.
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i'm pretty confident anything nasty will stay to the south of the mall. thank you. here is a look at what is coming up on abc part-time -- prime time. a two-hour batch the red. at 10:00 p.m., 8 250 pound football player get help and coaching from two cowboy -- dallas cowboys. >> coming up at 5:00 p.m., a car bomb goes off as the bomb squad checked it out. the amazing outcome of this explosion. >> it is not just to celebrate our independence.
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>> we continue with an arrest in a sexual assault case in woodbridge. the victim is just 10 years old. >> and the man involved is based on numerous charges in this case. natasha has more on this disturbing arrest. >> this really is a heartbreaking story because the people who live out in this neighborhood have told me they had no idea this was going on until this man was arrested this
5:25 pm
weekend. on a day that is known for bringing families and the beat -- neighbors together, this block in woodbridge is wondering why one of their neighbors was arrested. the 32-year-old man was arrested saturday. police say he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl, a girl that lives nearby, and they say the assault was not an isolated incident. it happened over two to three months. he has lived on carter lain for years. -- this man has lived on carter lane for years. he is a mailman. >> i make sure that the kids get on and get off the bus. years ago somebody tried to pick up the kids. >> the court date is not set yet. >> still ahead for you on abc7
5:26 pm
news at 5:00 p.m., see how the transformers to off with all of the money at the box office this holiday weekend. >> also, find out how the holiday and hot weather are helping to raise big bucks for the mall.
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>> this is abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. >> the july 4 weekend is going to be a busy one on the national mall. >> the festival has been going all weekend with the sweet sounds of motown. we're live with more on today's festivities. hi, sam. >> hello, alison. the smithsonian folklife festival has been the place to be in july since 1967. this year there is an emphasis on rhythm-and-blues. >> it was all about the rhythm, the music people just could not keep still. a lot of the singers and musicians had some age on them but they had the motown sound
5:30 pm
because they used to work at motown. jim weston had them rocking for a little while. and there was funke brother george mcgregor. and from the audience that could not keep still many grey haired baby boomers who were teenagers in the 60's. -- in the 1960's. of course, there was a lot more to the folklife festival. big exposition -- big exhibits. the peace corps had an exhibit. but for us today, it was mainly about the beach about singing and dancing and words like "shake your money maker."
5:31 pm
the crowds could not get enough of it. >> some 380,000 people have attended the folklife festival. that attendance was up over last year, although they could not tell me exactly how much. the festival will break tonight and then resumed next thursday the seventh and continue again for four more days through monday, the 11th. >> residents are also showing their patriotic spirit in arlington. that is right, hundreds have gathered to watch the hometown parade. this is the 23rd year for the parade. but residents lined the street
5:32 pm
early for the area's annual parade. there'll also be able football tournament. the -- wiffle ball tournament. >> that is a very cool idea. some folks are swapping a trip to the national mall for a trip to the shopping mall. there are some great deals. we are live with more on the shoppers who are out on this holiday. >> you might think of the christmas shopping senior -- season or the after thanksgiving as the biggest time to head to the store but spending in the green on the 4th of july is a great way to spend it. >> these people are opting to go to the shopping mall as opposed to the national mall.
5:33 pm
>> we have done it before. it is hot and muggy and too many people. >> plus the stores are offering savings. he is not alone. some are searching for the sweet deals. others like anne alvarez are taking part in a year the ritual. >> clothing, shoes clothes for going to the beach. and >> but it was beach-like temperatures that folks were trying to escape. >> is clean and nice and relaxing. it is fun. >> it was the heat and humidity that drove his family to the mall. he gave the kids a chance to cool off while mom was shopping. >> those shoppers are actually
5:34 pm
helping out uncle sam. the latest retail numbers show sales of about 7% from last year. >> paramount pictures estimates that the "transformers" will pull in a over 1600 -- 60 million -- $160 million this year. >> it kind of helps [unintelligible] let's see who is competing for space on the roads this weekend. >> not too bad on the interstate. restrictions have been left on all the interstate's with the exception of rte. 50 john hanson highway in maryland. looking good on the beltway in each direction.
5:35 pm
keep in mind, if you're headed toward the nation's capital, you might want to think of taking the metro. a lot of delays in the district. constitution avenue is shut down for a section. all of the closures will be in place until about 11:00 p.m. you might want to consider taking the metrorail if you're going to see the fireworks. >> this is all caught on video. you'll see this amazing outcome. >> and the grand finale for the space shuttle program is just a matter of days away. students from a maryland school get to see it firsthand.
5:36 pm
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5:38 pm
>> earlier today, prince william participated in anda military training exercise. this happen in canada. he and his wife spent their fifth day in canada.
5:39 pm
>> she is standing off just watching making him work. it is that it? [laughter] as you know, the final space shuttle mission is that to launch on friday. >> one group of charles county high school students are going to be able to see it firsthand. they have a special connection to this final mission. >> is the kind -- the final countdown of the lifetime for these high school students. >> everyone is going to go down and see our experiment on the last space shuttle launch. it is amazing. >> the charles county space -- charles county students are going to watch the launch, and for good reason. their experiment was one of only 11 chosen to soar on the special atlantis.
5:40 pm
>> it is a weed. it is just a common weed. >> wife and a mustard seed into orbit -- why send a mustard seed into orbit? >> [unintelligible] >> we are going to look at the way the root grows. in space there is no gravity. >> 1 yes -- >> it will grow the opposite way and the shuttle. the crux of the seats will grow in space for 12 days. and when it returns to earth the plants will be closely inspected. >> there will be looked at under the scanning electronic mike prillo -- microscope. >> they say it is an experience they will always remember, and one that might launch more than just a space shuttle.
5:41 pm
>> it might be good career choice. >> and those seats will be presented at a symposium at the national aerospace museum. our coverage of the space shuttle's final flight begin on thursday. we will have a special coverage for you right here. >> some smart kids at that school. >> impressive. >> still ahead, a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate a life. >> we knew that mother would want to be a part of this. >> and you are going to want to see how his family is a part the 4th of july celebration in a big way. creigh
5:42 pm
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>> american soldiers are marking independence there around the world. this is the scene today in afghanistan. service members played -- raised the military flag while ban members play.
5:45 pm
general patraeus was meeting with troops in canada are. he will become the next director of the cia. a special celebration of 100 people in mount vernon. >> they are celebrating as brand-new american citizens. >> he is about to take a live changing step. >> i have always wanted to be a citizen of the u.s. >> today, 100 candidates from 41 countries became american citizens. including a 21-year-old army specialist just back from iraq. his dad came here from bolivia 20 years ago. the family now lives in alexandria. he passed his test in six and english. >> we want them to know not to stories, but the meaning of them.
5:46 pm
>> under oath they renounce allegiance to their old country and swore loyalty to their new. >> congratulations, your america's newest citizens. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america -- >> a. hart feldt pledge followed by a certificate of u.s. citizen -- a heartfelt pledge followed by some to become a u.s. citizenship. and his big dream? >> have a degree and going to criminal justice. that is my dream. >> i am very happy. this is our home. >> happy the country he fought for is now true the his own. -- cerulli his own. >> a great day for that family. of course, july 4 is one of the
5:47 pm
biggest moment in american history, but apparently, a lot of americans do not know the significance of the holiday period to 88% of the united states declared its independence in 17 -- of the holiday. 86% of the next states declared -- 58% of the united states declared its independence in 1776. >> they're getting ready for the big fireworks show in new york city. it is considered to be the largest in the country. fireworks will be launched from six barges into the river. -- over the river. family is bidding 8 -- an unusual farewell to their mother. every year, catherine walker
5:48 pm
served food to the volunteers at the home town celebration. she died this spring at age 87 and was cremated. her daughters say she loved the fireworks best. this year, they got permission to send some of her ashes into the sky inside a fireworks show. >> we knew that mother would want to be part of this and we wanted to do something with her ashes at the fourth of july. she will have a big one. she will go 800 feet high and be over the mountain. >> the city has agreed to the plan and the daughters call it a fitting tribute to their mother. >> that the good one. never heard of that before. a bomb squad in thailand escaped serious injury after a car bomb exploded right in front of them. the whole incident was caught on tape. the bomb goes off, throwing the
5:49 pm
officer to the ground. he was wearing a protective suits and walk away from the blast. the car was totally destroyed. no one was hurt, however. >> that could have been a bad ending. let's see what is coming up. tonight at 6:00 p.m. cala have a live report from the national mall. and what to -- at 6:00 p.m., we will have a live report from the national mall and find out what to expect tonight. that and much more on abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. >> we will be waiting for you right here. >> b eight yourself. >> i will try. -- behave yourself. >> i will try. [laughter]
5:50 pm
we are used to -- >> we are used to pressure. there had been some showers and there are some showers. the good news is that any of the very severe weather remains to the south. there is another batch out in west friedan that we will keep an eye on. -- west virginia that we will keep an eye on. i do not think it will be anything that will be interfering with the fireworks. right now cloudy skies and temperatures and high 80's. tomorrow temperatures will be in a 90's and sunshine. this is from about 400 miles up. this is a fire in eastern carolina. the smoke goes out almost to the outer banks. the fireworks for us this evening should be at the mall, fine cloudy and maybe a catchy sprinkel.
5:51 pm
wednesday and thursday, the risk of that afternoon thundershowers before we get a pretty nice weekend. in the meantime, let's check in on sports. let's look at the nets. >> it used to be deadthat they could not keep up their scoring, but now they're doing much better. with their star, they were hoping to celebrate the stars and stripes for the win today against the cubs. hitting in the five ball to center. check this out. -- hitting a lazy fly ball to center. check this out. no one gets it. and he hustles around 30.
5:52 pm
he is safe. -- around 30. he is safe. >> you have a hard bridgetown jersey? you may want to trade in. harper was just a hitting sensation. he ranked among the leaders. 46 rbi's and 11 stolen bases. the nationals are sticking to their original plan and harper will not make his debut this year. he will spend the rest of the season in aa and then play in the arizona fall league. fireworks, baseball, and then an eating contest? there may be no better way to celebrate america's independence than with a hot dog eating
5:53 pm
competition. the winner again but six short of his own record. this is the first year that men and women were in separate categories. sonya, the black widow -- and there she is. she won the women's by downing 40 hot dogs. >> where does she put them? >> what an accomplishment. are you going to be hungry tonight? >> yes, but not hot dogs. >> she weighs like 90 pounds and she just in about 40 pounds of hot dogs. -- she just eight about 40 pounds of hot dogs. -- ate about 40 pounds of hot dogs. that is what made you do not invite over for thanksgiving because you ain't getting nothing. [laughter]
5:54 pm
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>> of course, the 4th of july is always a good time to remember the men and women who serve our country and earned our freedom. >> many of these veterans are wounded, some visibly some deep down inside. we have more on a new program that will help them along in the recovery process. >> master sgt gives and knows what it's like to shift from combat to the home front. >> when you were there for six or seven months and then you come back, it is hard to downshift. >> the two decade old marine corps veteran has done it in manymany a time, like so many generations of wounded warriors. this cluster at va belfour
5:58 pm
includes barracks. the >> there is more than just physical recovery that has to take place. they have to recover physically, emotionally, and socially with their families. >> the center is the first of its kind in the u.s., with the second to follow at the mall -- at the walter reed medical center in maryland. it is all based on the premise of an architecture of healing. >> we have consulted a number of leading professionals even for the kinds of smells that will be conducive to the process of healing. >> a process they will not have to face alone. >> we are the ones who will make sure they are taking care of. >> that does it for us at 5:00 p.m. right now, the capital sports
5:59 pm
countdown. dewitt you can expect to -- if you need to make it a trip. and casey anthony the verdict is in the hands of the jury in deliberation now. >> this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> now at 6:00 p.m., we are counting down to the fireworks celebration is on the national mall. >> many have wondered if rain might ruin the big party. let's get right to bob ryan. because we are into summertime and thunderstorms we are right on the edge.

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